Parragon The Diggers

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  • ISBN: 9781474857420
  • Launch Date: 08/09/2016
  • Size: 9.000in x 10.375in x 0.438in
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Age Range: 3 - 6
  • Content: 32 pages, PLC with jacket

The diggers are digging holes. The animals dig holes to live in. The pirates dig holes to bury treasure in. Animals and machines dig a journey of discovery in this hidden treasure from Margaret Wise Brown, author of the children's classics Goodnight Moon and Runaway Bunny. This book is beautifully illustrated by Antoine Corbineau.


Margaret Wise Brown
Illustrated by Antoine Corbineau

Margaret Wise Brown wrote hundreds of stories and poems for children. She is best known for the enduring classics Goodnight Moon and Runaway Bunny. Parragon has acquired exclusive rights to a catalogue of her unpublished works which are being brought to life with bright, modern illustrations, to enchant a new generation of children!
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